My Hobbies and Interests

I've been writing poems since 1966 and to date have written at least 700. A few have been published in college literary magazines, in local and national poetry magazines, and at a few web sites. I've won a few prizes for my poems, but that is all and nothing more. Poetry, for me, is two-fold: the joy of expression and the necessity of communication.

My wife and I grow 3 varieties of tomatoes, especially plum (Roma) tomatoes which we use for sauce.  We usually make 24 to 48 quarts of sauce, which we freeze.  It's so nice to taste summer in sauce you have in February.

(The woman in the picture is not my wife.  She is enjoying "Tomatina" in Bunol, Spain.) 
Collecting frogs (not live ones, but representations): 

We have a couple of hundred frogs:  Wood, glass, all types of composition and styles, from antique to modern to whimsical and goofy.  If you like frogs, check out

Lionel model trains:  I specialize in Lionel trains and accesories from the 1950s.   I recently built a 4'x8' train board in my rec room.  
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