We are but animals with the ability to reason.

We are humans, who happen to be either male or 
female. I believe that we all share the same qualities and traits, regardless of gender, and that to say that any trait or characteristic is strictly male or female is not true.

I believe in a creative force that powers all that exists, and that our notions of good and evil, we created, and that our perceptions of what we cannot prove form our belief systems. I believe in the ultimate goodness of humankind, and that evil is both necessary and temporary, until such time as we learn to overcome certain genetic/hereditary characteristics.

I believe, as Lincoln said, that most people are as happy as they make up their minds to be. It seems that chronically miserable people would rather look for clouds on a sunny day than enjoy the sun. There is nothing good about feeling bad. Okay, why aren't we always happy? Because happiness is not a constant.  I find it more satisfying to have happiness come out of nowhere and surprise me than trying to find it or buy it.

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